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Konoba Pizzeria MASLINA is the ideal place to stop for a while and, in a cosy atmosphere, try some exceptional Croatian dishes. Fresh fish and seafood every day, excellent lamb, local grill delicacies with the aroma of the rich field herbs, are not the only specialties of the restaurant, hidden in the heart of historic Split. If you keen on international dishes, you will also find here something you like. A countless choice of the tastiest noodles, great risotto and pizza are the best in town, that's the real calling card of MASLINA, the very reason to see us!


Pop into our restaurant whenever you fancy good food or to relax with an exquisite cup of coffee. Dishes served by our excellent cooks will impress you with their unusually rich aroma and quality taste. The sea and sun enchanted wine from our cellar, will make you fully discover the heavenly taste of Dalmatia!


When visiting MASLINA, bring your family and friends with you and we will make sure that you all enjoy your time here with us! We will take you on a culinary journey, full of taste, to discover secrets of exceptional meals and impress you with our Croatian hospitality!

Reserve the table in Konoba Pizzeria Maslina and enjoy fresh fish, seafood and local grill delicacies with the aroma of the rich field herbs.

The reservation can also be done via a call to 21h on weekdays by phone (+385) 21 314 988

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